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Kismet Nuñez (2008-2013) was a blogger, writer, student, teacher, researcher, historian, fangirl, lover, sister, daughter and everything in between. Her ghost lives on (@KismetNunez and http://ghostkismet.tumblr.com).
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Coming Soon…Shawty Got Skillz 2012 E-Zine & Virtual Remix!!!!

Coming soon…Shawty Got Skillz 2012 e-Zine and Virtual REMIX!! Love recipes, rituals and remembrances from our 2012 skillshare. Let the cooking begin… To pre-purchase the e-zine, head on over to shawtygotskillz.tumblr.com.

DC/MD/VA! The Latinegr@s Project is Coming Your Way!!!

Photo Credit: Chester Higgins via The LatiNegr@s Project (http://lati-negros.tumblr.com) March 29-31 is the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association Conference at George Mason University. The LatiNegr@s Project  will be holding a roundtable for the People of Color caucus entitled: How Did We Get Here?: Being AfroLatin@ in the Ivory Tower, in Activism and Online on Friday March 30 at 3:15pm. Come see us … Continue reading

Kismet Nuñez Joins The LatiNegr@s Project/Being AfroLatino

Posted at Nuñez Daughter: Y’all know Nuñez Daughter is all about black latinidad, Afrolatinos, Afro-Latin America, histories of slavery and the experiences of black people all across the African diaspora? That’s part of the reason you’re here–right? Let’s hope so.  Because me, Tony Stark (Anthony Otero), La Bianca (Bianca Laureano) and La Republica Detroit (Violeta Donawa) … Continue reading

Shawty Got Skillz Video Love from the Other Side of Dreaming!!!

Shawty Got Skillz from misscripchick on Vimeo. Mia and I are so ecstatic that our Shawty Got Skillz fam will be heading to the Allied Media Conference this year! The Allied Media Conference is what made To the Other Side of Dreaming even seem like it was possible. We want our community to be able … Continue reading

Spring Fever is Here! You Betta #ComeCorrect!

It’s Time!  For the #ComeCorrect Spring Fever Blog Carnival!!! “When all else fails, masturbate like its May,” ~La Bianca You can’t describe it but you know it when it’s here. You notice the sun warming the air and your skin flushes.  Hot.  Unrelenting.  This heat is brazen. It slides beneath the hem of your shirt and strokes the … Continue reading

Kismet Nuñez is trying to get to AMC!!!

Kismet Nuñez, the WOC Survival Kit and the rest of the iwannalive crew is going to be at the Allied Media Conference this year!  And we are sharin’ our skillz with other fierce folks from across the interwebs.  But to get us all to Detroit, shawties gotta fundraise: Hello Interwebs! It’s about that time again … Continue reading

about iwannalive productions

I Wanna Live Productions is a social media collective, specializing in radical black gyrl media, political education, sex positive empowerment and complete and utter disruption of the archive, academy and hu-MAN-ity as we known and understand it. We believe black womyn’s voices are sheltered, altered, silenced, distanced, mangled, strangled, violated, disrupted,imploded and eroded. We believe … Continue reading

The Bests: 10.20.10

From Nuñez Daughter: A Pretty Magnolia & Kismet4 Sex Positive & Empowered Black Trans Video Afternoon Dance Swarm   From The WOC Survival Kit: The Whip My Hair-Sesame Street Mash Up (created by @mecjagger): “Be Soft.  Don’t let the world make you hard…” [read the rest] (reblogged from @fatimahshaikh) YES. (reblogged from so-treu): The Young Gary … Continue reading


The “Post-Racial” Society

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