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The Bests: 10.20.10

From Nuñez Daughter:

A Pretty Magnolia & Kismet4 Sex Positive & Empowered Black Trans Video Afternoon Dance Swarm


From The WOC Survival Kit:

The Whip My Hair-Sesame Street Mash Up (created by @mecjagger):

YES. (reblogged from so-treu):

From Zora Walker:

Shit Just Got Real (re-blogged from fuckyeahblackpower):

From Pretty Magnolia:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh……….hell yes. (re-blogged from gkusoul):




About Kismet Nuñez

Kismet Nuñez (2008-2013) was a blogger, writer, student, teacher, researcher, historian, fangirl, lover, sister, daughter and everything in between. Her ghost lives on (@KismetNunez and http://ghostkismet.tumblr.com).


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